Heady Fumes (Sweet Jesus! It’s The Flaming Lips!!!)

Well, ok friends, I’m aware The Flaming Lips ain’t exactly the type thing we generally feature here at the old record club but we like us all kinds of music and we kinda have a soft spot for these guys (even forgivin’ ’em the pink floyd stuff) here’s the thing…or the things here. I didn’t turn up here sunday for any git right type business ‘cos well, I just stayed home and got a little decorating done around the place like you need to do sometimes. As you’ll have seen in the last post there ol’ Randy was pleased I got him that Caitlin Rose record store day single and a lovely thing it is too. Still, the Flaming Lips put out a big double collection of collaborations for record store day too, and I was listening to that all day and what with the wild psychedelic sounds and the paint fumes and all the refreshing vodka and mountain dew I was suckin’ down…. Well, I was feelin’ pretty far-out there friends. Tell the truth it’s a god damned miracle I didn’t fall off that chair I was standin’ on and do my fool-self an injury in the spectacular style of my poor brother. So as the afternoon wore on I was checking the time and I had myself an inspiration.  It’s a Jesus clock, one of them ugly-beautiful catholic type things you get. Me and Randy love us some of that stuff. It’s called kitsch apparently, I thought that was that disgusting egg pie like the french have but seems it’s shiny plastic stuff and whatnot. Anyhoo, I looks at it and I think why, these crazy, noisy, sonic adventurers might not be no gospel quartet but they’re good southern boys from Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plains) and back in the early days they had what you might call an obsession with writing songs about Jesus. That Wayne feller got himself a little bit of a Jesus complex with the beard an all I reckon, I mean, look at that picture up there. I mean, come on!

So anyways, all them old numbers are kinda noisy and I thought maybe a couple of more inkeepin efforts would be better and I got to thinkin about their version of ‘Plastic Jesus’ from ‘Cool Hand Luke’ and that song ‘Thank-you Jack White’ which is about how much Wayne likes this piece of kitsch Jack gave him at a show one time and is pretty country in feel. A crazy plan was forming in my cloudy head so I got me another drink and I got me a headache and I lay out on the couch and forgot the whole ugly business friends.

Thank you Jack White (for the fiber-optic Jesus that you gave me)

Yesterday though, I’m lookin’ on these here innernets and turns out the same Jack White has just put out his first solo record that people been goin’ on about for some time and the whole thing comes flooding back to me. So, thank-you Jack White. This version of ‘Plastic Jesus’ is a different one to the one off ‘Satellite Heart’ but not all that different. If you ain’t seen Paul Newman sing this tune  in ‘Cool Hand Luke’ you really should get around to that ‘cos it’s a great film. Those of you who have probably don’t need a slow on the up take fool like myself to point out how the whole thing is a kinda Jesus story anyways right? I mean film criticism is more Randy’s area y’know?

Plastic Jesus (porch version)

dashboard confessional

Now, I know y’all don’t mostly come by here for up to the minute opinionation on the hot releases of the day, it’s not really what we do but…today we got not one but TWO! Damn! Well that Flaming Lips thing there is pretty fine if you ask me. All kicks off with an update of the Stooges ‘1969’ and goes off all over the place, it’s also got Nick Cave on it and an awesome super woozy version of ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ with Erykah Badu. Serious. It’s got that damn fool out of Coldplay quoting some dribble from Lennon too but can you have it all? No, you can’t.

As for Mr Jack White and his ‘Blunderbuss’? well maybe it’s a grower. It certainly seems to have a lot of folks getting their panties in a bunch about it. First thing – plain and simple it’s better than The Dead Weather or The Raconteurs. Second up, it’s more varied and less immediate than The White Stripes, he’s even touring it with two bands doing different numbers, so we’ll see. ’16 Saltines’ is very Stripes though and there are other, older echoes in it too ‘Trash Tongue Talker’ reminding me a lot of ‘Papa Was A Rascal’ which near drove me mad for a while. His new look is all goth-girl with a vulture on her shoulder. Rock stars eh? crazy folk. Here’s a tune off it that you mighta heard as it’s been on the youtube thing there for a while now. It also starts out like ‘Son Of A Preacher Man’ so that sorta fit in with my theme here you get me? Take her easy friends.

Love Interruption

~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 24, 2012.

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