Blunderbuss Blunder

Friends, I feel I may have done ol’ Jack White and his new record a disservice last week when I tagged on a lil’ kinda first impressions coated in preconceptions type opinion to the end of that crazy Flaming Lips post there. Plain truth of it is ‘Blunderbuss’ is a mighty fine record indeed and reveals its charms to the listener without a whole bunch of unseemly fuss. I spent a deal of the past week just a stompin’ and a clappin’ and a hollerin’ along to her – that’s right friends, it’s that type o’ record. I believe I mentioned then how ’16 Saltines’ has the most White Stripes feel of the bunch, on account of the roaring guitar – it also kicks in with the line ‘She’s got stickers on her locker,’ – now, hats off friends that is a really great rock ‘n’ roll lyric ain’t it? Sure paints a picture, I mean damn! it’s virtually a whole song in six words. Check out the great lil’ video for it here. Boy that takes me back to when me an Randy was young uns…

Whole record is stuffed with great songs and, like the Dr John album, clocks in at under 45 mins without an inch of fat on it. A little closer listening shows how a lot of the songs remind of the Stripes but I think it’s just that it’s Jack writing for hisself by hisself with no-one else either there or in mind, there are rhythms and shapes you know from his older songs and it really has a groove to it, y’know? It swings, it’s funky but not in an in yer face type of way, just in that you find yourself involuntary stompin’ an dancin’ along to it. Back when they called time on The White Stripes I lamented that he wasn’t gonna rally for one last album of plain old garage rockin’ goodness but lookin’ back that weren’t never really on the cards was it friends? The last two records saw him bored with the formula and tryna stretch it out some. Worked well on ‘Get Behind Me Satan’ I thought, now I said straight out this new record was better than The Raconteurs or Dead Weather, well I never did care for ‘Icky Thump’ so it’s easy to say it’s better’n that one too. I guess what I mean to say is these are the songs I was waiting for they just didn’t come in quite the same package I remember but they are all really well done. I gots to say too that his guitarin’, much as we’re all supposed to bow down, well some of the stuff on ‘Icky Thump’ and in the other bands was damn ugly. None of that here mind you, lot of nice piano playin’ too. So yeah, Earl’s stamp of approval for what it’s worth. Here’s Love Interruption again in case you missed it the other day. Now, record store day has loosely tied these recent posts together and this year Jack put out a limited re-issue of the early ‘Handsprings’ single. ‘Handsprings’ was the first thing I ever heard by The White Stripes, it’s still a little obscure but it’s fantastic – I also thought it was on that post back there when they split. Turns out it weren’t, so here you go music lovers.

The White Stripes – Handsprings

~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Blunderbuss Blunder”

  1. “great lil’ video”?
    Tying a woman up in a car, soaking it with gasoline, and setting it on fire?
    (Not to mention a lot of other borderline stuff…)
    What exactly are they selling?
    Play mixed with glorified destructive behavior. What a mistake.
    And I’m not even a right-wing dickhead.

    • friend, the ‘woman’ in the car is Jack himself.
      what they are selling, is his new record there.
      It’s a series of arresting images for sure, but interconnected
      and from the care he’s taken over previous album covers and symbolism
      we can be fairly sure none of it is just lazy.
      So here’s one obvious one to chew on there…
      The colour code for this record is black, white and blue
      (where the White Stripes were red, white and black)
      the blue child is young Jack – adult Jack is tied down by his
      childhood self and left to burn in a car (although we don’t actually see it burn
      – which again has to have significance ‘cos burnin cars go over big in music
      video land, so not to do it is a choice…)
      I don’t take a genius to read this – trust me, I ain’t one

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