We’re Gonna Get Born…

Well friends, y’all read that piece brother Randy linked to? Pretty good writing I thought, some interestin’ stuff in there. Sure got me listenin’ to the third record again this past day or so. It’s fantastic as I’m sure you know. This bein’ a music blog of a sort, and you therefore bein’ the type what reads about music on the innnernets y’all have already learned a lot about this as writing about Big Star is pretty much compulsory for these types of things – lost album, mental breakdown, flying vodka bottles, underappreciated genius and what all. So I’ll not go on a whole bunch about it, first time I heard any of these songs was on a weird compliation which had one side of stuff from Sister Lovers and the other from Like Flies On Sherbert and a couple of live tunes. Sure was different sounding to my ears. But, as I think that article there made mention, they’re pretty solid structured songs underneath all the clanking and feedback and such. Here’s a bunch of good covers of tunes from that record, kickin’ off with master interpreters The Afghan Whigs who probably do the most re-workin on their version of ‘Nighttime’. Also got Alex hisself doin’ the Velvets’ ‘Femme Fatale’ with another bunch of cover version experts Yo La Tengo. I almost made this into a mix on the lines of that Dr. John one but one of the things I love about this record is it never had a proper runnin’ order so you can play random on the cd deck and it’s always just as ‘right’ whatever that might be meanin for you. So enjoy, paper or plastic?

Nighttime – The Afghan Whigs

Oh Dana – Okkervil River

Holocaust – Rainy Day

Jesus Christ – Teenage Fanclub

Femme Fatale (live) – Alex Chilton & Yo La Tengo

Take Care – Yo La Tengo








~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 11, 2012.

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