Well, You Can Tell By The Way I Use My Fork…

So poor old Robin Gibb has gone on with his crazy falsetto to the heavenly choir friends, he was always my favourite. Now, I know as music folk been droppin’ thick and fast and well, maybees havin’ a favourite Bee Gee ain’t somethin’ to trouble yerself over too much. I’ll allow that but, if’n you grew up back in the wild world of the seventies when they bestrode the world like scary satin colossi it was hard not to. Barry was the one looked like he needed a good punchin’, he’s the main reason people hate ’em, I betcha. Maurice was the little version of Barry – beardy but balding. Robin had the sense not to grow a beard and always somehow seemed calm and above it all, however stupid they got. And they was pretty dumb sometimes, and while you’re thinkin’ on that, think on this – at least they weren’t The Osmonds. Now then, Randy ain’t gonna be too happy with me over this whole post, you might know about how much he hates the disco, the boogie, pretty much anything that ain’t about death, whiskey or Jesus or maybe Texas, hopefully all four. Thing is friends, back there at the start, he went along with the Rosenberg kids from school and they Mama to see ‘Saturday Night Fever’ at the movies and when he come home he was totally into that. He was lovin’ it! Dancin’ round the place to they stupid songs on the radio and everything. It didn’t last long mind you, he come to his senses pretty quick and by the autumn he was one of those surly ‘disco sucks’ type dudes, which was hard to spot ‘cos so was pretty much most kids we knew. Sometimes I think his young heart was crushed by Sally Rosenberg somewhere in that summer, but most likely I just think he was really into John Travolta’s hair and he somehow sorta confused that with diggin’ The Bee Gees for a while. Either way once they come around the next year with that Beatles thing, dear God! I think that thing is like Randy Kryptonite, If y’all want a sad picture of the forgotten seventies go listen to Peter Frampton doing ‘The Long & Winding Road’ while rubbin yer face in some brown corduroy, can you say ugly? Whatever friends, life’s confusin’ when you’re young right? I didn’t get it myself, but back then I was still into throwin’ sticks in the creek and catchin’ bugs in jars.

Now bein’ as we talk music here we supposed to say how ‘To Love Somebody’ is such a fine song we forgive ’em everything else, and while it is a really great tune it ain’t the only one, there’s a pile of ’em. I was real tempted to put up Ozzy’s version of ‘Stayin Alive’ but, well that ain’t one of the better tunes and he’s in the dog house here on account all this bull with Bill Ward and the reformation of the original line-up. Way to screw up a beautiful thing ass-holes. What? You don’t have enough money already? That pic at the top though, Ozzy definitely had that same outfit, his just had more… beer gut. Anyways, I’m gettin sidetracked agin. Here’s Detroit garage rock supremo’s The Dirtbombs with a great version of ‘I Started A Joke’.

The Dirtbombs  –  I Started A Joke

~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 22, 2012.

One Response to “Well, You Can Tell By The Way I Use My Fork…”

  1. Be sure to check out Robin’s 2008 acoustic version of To Love Somebody

    White soul done right o_O

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