Git Right – Bishop Perry Tillis

Hello again friends, last week y’all recall Brother Randy put up a video clip of  the Bishop Perry Tillis and I said as we would have a little time with him this week. I ain’t about to turn ’round and let y’all down now. Born way back in 1919 Perry Tillis was a country-blues man for a time but had hisself a holy vision or somesuch and turned to the righteous path. So maybe he didn’t become a big blues star but he didn’t forget how to play, he just started singin’ it for the lord. ‘I Found A Solid Rock’ is from a split single with the great title  ‘Life is a Problem’, nice version of Roosevelt is from ‘Too Close’ recorded by some swedish guy who tracked him down in Alabama in the early 70’s and ‘You Can’t Fool The Holy Ghost’ comes from the more ‘In Times Like These’ a set culled from a mountain of lo-fi (and pretty wild) tapes he made in the last ten years of his life or something. This is some backwoods, raw and righteous, gospel-blues bidniss right here, y’all feel the spirit?

I Found A Solid Rock

Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt

You Can’t Fool the Holy Ghost



~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 27, 2012.

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