Randy Wants To Play You Some Records

Well folks, with no Glastonbury and no Endorse It! this year, ain’t much happening on the Randy & Earl front (although me and brother Earl have been talking about doing something kinda special later in the year). Till then, I have got a couple of things going on you might wanna know about, in my Stagger Lee guise…

This weekend, I’ll be joining a whole host of friends, soon to be friends, soon to wonder who’s stolen their rum and soon to punch me in the face folks, down at Beatherder Festival in Lancashire. Dunno what those kids down there are up to – gas huffin’ and such, by the looks of them – but it’s a weekend of proper twisted fun and shouting. And in the middle of it there’s me. And I get to play twice – would ya credit it?

Saturday afternoon I’m answering a call for some noisy guitar music put out by the good folk at the Rajazzle Stage, playing some punk and garage and rockabilly and such in their tent between 1 and 3pm. With all that pots and pans dance music all over, it’ll be good to hear some Lux. Am I right? I’m right.

Then, a bit later – 8pm-10pm, in fact – I’ll be up in the Perfumed Garden dome, DJing inside a shed. And there it’s gonna be roots rock reggae all the way.

But that’s all sold out and stuff so if you weren’t already going, you’re not going.

But then here’s a chance to hear me play some tunes for FREE for two whole days, especially if you live in the north east.

Mama Rosin

SummerTyne Americanais happening again this year, a grand bill of vaguely related music and such at the Sage in Gateshead. Inside the Sage from July 20th-22nd there’s all sortsa folks like Dr John and Wanda Jackson and the like (and some real bores too). Outside, though, it’s much better. Those good people at Jumpin’ Hot Club have lined up two days of excellent bands in the ‘Performance Square’ and they’ve only gone and asked me to DJ both days. Which is just peachy cos I don’t get to dust off my Bob Wills and Robbie Fulks records so much up here. So if you want to see Mama Rosin, Bob Heron, Pine Hill Haints, all manner of great folks, and listen to me in between, come down. Or up. Or whatever.

Dr John. Cos you can never have too many pictures of Dr John

~ by stagger lee on June 27, 2012.

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