Dirt Daubers at What’s Cookin’

Hey there friends, how y’all been? here’s a lil’ sumthin to bring you light and cheer. Light and cheer I says. Now some of you may and some may not know as we have one of them fancy facebookin’ pages over there that you might take a look on if you do that type of thing. I was over there myself earlier and what I saw was, a grinnin pic of our friend Ramblin’ Steve and a video clip of The Dirt Daubers put up by another friend of ours (who could do with a damn haircut) on account he’d just been to see them play and was now in love with Miss Jessica. The brighter amongst you will already be ahead of me here I ‘spect but, to be clear, what we have here at the top is the whole of The Dirt Daubers set from Steve’s wonderful What’s Cookin’ club earlier in the year. Now, it don’t offer a lot in terms of theatrical spectacular or award winnin’ camera work but it sure is a mighty good lissen while you search for cheaper insurance or shop for them ‘special’ items your local stores don’t stock, or whatever else it is y’all do on the innerwebs here.

Maybe your local stores all closed down on account a huge Wal*Mart box opened about 10 miles away. Sumbitches, you know that star used to be in the middle of their name? Know what that stood for? Condensed profanity friends. Every vile curse you could call down upon they wretched heads as you tramped the endless aisles just a-wishin’ you could torch the whole pile to the ground. Before I get all worked up agin, I mention it ‘cos of this heartwarming story from the great state of Texas about an abandoned Wal*Mart made into public library. This here is in McAllen, right down on the mexican border, you can bet your bottom dollar that there was plenty wingnuts wanna build some kind of fort or immigrant detention centre in it but a library won out. Y’see? It ain’t all hatin’ mexicans and eatin’ half a live steer down in Texas – they gots plenty of good folks too. Light and cheer brethren, light and cheer.

~ by Mumblin' Earl on July 5, 2012.

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