Splurge Guns, Dap-Kings and Country Rock Opera

Brother Randy rolls into town on the evenin’ train later on friends, and we’re packin’ up the jalopy and headin’ out to the country for Wilderness festival tomorrow. This is a kinda late suprise addition to our ‘no festivals summer’ and it’s as yet not 100% clear we ain’t gonna be stood outside the fence yellin’ like so many times before. You can picture us, wearin’ wife beaters like Brando in Streetcar Named Desire only, y’know, more shambolic. When we’d be yellin’ Stella! we’d be meanin’ that fine imported belgian lager. Although truth is I don’t think I can drink anymore of that stuff, reckon as I had my quota. Anyways, it is, to be honest with y’all, the sort of fancy dan lookin’ affair we’ve often been asked to leave in the past, you know what I’m sayin’? Still, we supposed to be playin some of our old records there all three days, the weather looks good and there’s some fine other entertainments from favourites of ours like Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings. Howe Gelb brings his newly double wide Giant Giant Sand with a ‘country rock opera’  about Tucson which ought to be fantastic and happy go-lucky ol’ Jeff Tweedy and Wilco get a chance to charm me at last. Spiritualized are on too, and while I’m no longer bothered about them all that much I plan to enjoy the hell out of it ‘cos they was always good live but mostly on account Randy don’t like ’em. We also pretty innarested in this Bugsy Malone thing in this video clip, that tune is a solid gold, old record club , set closin’ classic so you know we gonna be into that…

~ by Mumblin' Earl on August 9, 2012.

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