Stagger Cast #51 – All About Evie

Okay, folks – something a little different this time out. See, I seem to have got a bit fixated on Evie Sands – to me she sounds like a blend of Dusty and Bobbie, which is a damn fine thing to sound like. So in amongst all the usual stuff, I’ve included three whole songs by Ms Sands – hope you like them as much as I do. There’s also music from a biker movie, some incredible gospel from Washington Phillips, a newish Prince Fatty track and a rousing shitkicker of a song from Slim Cessna alumnus Jay Munly. Oh, and a killer track from the new Bill Fay album.

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01. John Hartford – Turn Your Radio On

02. Davie Allan & The Arrows – Devil’s Rumble

03. Francois Hardy – Le Temps De L’Amour

04. Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys – Terry’s Theme

05. Kai Winding – Comin’ Home

06. Helene Smith – What’s In The Lovin’

07. Bettye Lavette – My Train’s Coming In

08. Evie Sands – Can’t Let Go

09. Evie Sands – Picture Me Gone

10. Evie Sands – Any Way That You Want Me

11. Bobby Charles – Street People

12. Clifton Chenier – Ay Te Fee

13. Big John Hamilton – Before The Next Teardrop Falls

14. Culture – Stop The Fussing & Fighting

15. Dennis Brown – Whip Them Jah

16. Prince Fatty – Dry Your Tears (ft. Winston Francis)

17. The Pine Hill Haints – You Were Born  To Suffer

18. Jay Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots – The Old Service Road

19. Bill Fay – The Never Ending Happening

20. Washington Phillips – I Am Born To Preach The Gospel

21. The Orioles – Crying In The Chapel

22. Nino Rota – The Wedding

~ by stagger lee on September 3, 2012.

One Response to “Stagger Cast #51 – All About Evie”

  1. wonderful playlist as always – sadly mediafire seems to be blocking download for some reason

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