Happy Birthday Randy – Last Of A Dyin’ Breed

Friends, I’m sorry I been so quiet here of late, I been a-meanin to post up a whole bunch of stuff  but just ain’t got up off of the couch for y’all, so it goes. Still, I made it today so as to wish a real big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to brother Randy – lawd bless him. I’m raisin’ a glass of the ol’ white lightnin’ to him right now and so should you – he ain’t allowed on account of his health and disgracin’ his fool self at that Wilderness festival we done – I’ll write that up for y’all some other time. I mean, a certain amount of, erm, brotherly mockery is customary between us but this year I thought I’d set aside a long-standing matter of disagreement and that’s his sorry love for hairy southern-rock behemoths Lynyrd Skynyrd. Up top there’s a tat I just know he’d love to get sometime, save him a bunch of yellin’ at gigs and such and we gots a tune too. Hold on, it ain’t ‘Freebird’ ok? Despite what you may have been told they still a going concern and just put out another record called, with out any noticeable irony, ‘Last Of A Dyin’ Breed’. Yeah, really. A reference to how there’s just the one pre-plane crash dude left in the band I guess. The old singer’s brother been fronting ’em since the end of the 80’s so there’s a brothers thing goin’ on too. I know some of y’all are shakin yer heads and backing away ’bout now but wait just a cotton-pickin’ second here, this video is solid gold friends, SOLID GOLD. There’s some gorgeous, sun washed background footage over which the lyrics hit the screen like the titles of some Donald P. Bellisario production of our youth. And what lyrics they are, they don’t rhyme fire with higher but otherwise barely a tired old rock ‘n’ roll cliché escapes it’s rollin’ rampaging maw. Double denim at the ready boys, let’s ride!


~ by Mumblin' Earl on September 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Randy – Last Of A Dyin’ Breed”

  1. I was a rambler and a gambler once too.

    I lost everything, anorak, backpack, Kendal mint cake, beanie hat, the lot.

  2. you’re dead.

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