You Don’t Know The Darkness In My Heart

Hey friends, it’s friday night, and here’s a bunch of music for y’all to enjoy with yer beer. I mean, Randy done kept up his end of things over there with the stagger casts a pilin’ up, and he even lettin’ you in on some of the writing he been doin’ elsewhere now I see. Spoil you he do. I got a whole bunch to write on about this pile of music here but I already took so long gittin it to you I reckon it’s best to delay no longer. Due to some technical difficulties and to ‘get with’ the modern world and such I put up a bunch of my old mixes on the mixcloud a week or two back. This was supposed to be new ‘un to kinda ‘launch’ that whole deal, which I guess it is, only typically late, liken to my own self. So, short version is this is kinda inspired by the fine soundtrack record that Nick Cave put together for that ‘Lawless’ movie. which is why it kicks off with Ralph Stanley singin’ about bootleggers and has velvet underground covers and a fistful of bluegrass and some folks off of that soundtrack and some not and some old stuff and a pretty hearty portion of new (ish) music too. Truth is it’s more a sittin on the sofa porch an hollerin’ type of selection than it is foot stompin’ and hand clappin’ but we’ll git to that next time. Y’all enjoy and if’n I get around to it, I’ll write some to go with it next week too.

Truck Stop Girls

Ralph Stanley   –   Bootleg John
Charlie Louvin   –   Darlin’ Cory
Jack White   –   Wayfaring Stranger
The Kropotkins   –   Truckstop Girls
Carolina Chocolate Drops  –  I Truly Understand That You Love Another Man
Amanda Palmer   –   I’ll Be Your Mirror
Calexico   –   The Fortune Teller
Jimmie Dale Gilmore & The Wronglers   –  I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Two Gallants   –   Willie
Phosphorescent   –   Can I Sleep In Your Arms?
Clothesline Revival   –   Voice Of The Lobster
Emmylou Harris   –   Orphan Girl
The Flatlanders  –  I Know You
Jack Rose   –   Lick Mountain Ramble
Ralph Stanley   –   White Light/White Heat
Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard   –   A Horse Called Music
Andre Williams & The Sadies   –   That’s My Desire
Frontier Ruckus   –   Mona and Emmy
Trampled By Turtles   –   The Calm and the Crying Wind
Jason Lytle   –   Underneath The Weeping Willow
Neko Case   –   Wayfaring Stranger

~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 12, 2012.

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