Stagger Cast #53

Gotta confess, I’m a bit behind with my Staggercastin’ – things going on, life getting in the way, that sort of thing. But here’s #53 – some standout cuts from the largely disappointing Country Soul Sisters comp, a new track from Hickey Brothers’ favourite The Singing Adams, some sleazy garage and some delicate folk. And all the other shizzle that makes a Stagger Cast so dang lovable.

download Stagger Cast #53 here

stream Stagger Cast #53 here

01. Billie Jo Spears – Mr Walker, It’s All Over

02. Bo Diddley – Bite You

03. Marie “Queenie” Lyons – See & Don’t See

04. The Radiants – Voice Your Choice

05. Alex Chilton – Downtown

06. Sarah Vaughan – Mama

07. Dirty Dozen Brass Band Ft Olu Dara – Junko Partner

08. Tommy McCook & The Observers – One Train Load Of Collie

09. Prince Moonie – See A Man’s Face

10. Boss Hog – Ruby

11. The Detroit Cobras – My Baby Loves The Secret Agent

12. Les Terribles – Mademoiselle X

13. Sammi Smith – Saunders Ferry Lane

14. Jolie Holland – Ghost Waltz

15. The Gospel Songbirds – The Bible Is Right

16. Cath & Phil Tyler – Lady Gay

17. Ralph Stanley – Poor Rambler

18. The Singing Adams – What Happens Now?

19. Robbie Basho – Variations On Clair De Lune

~ by stagger lee on November 4, 2012.

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