Presley & Hutch

“I’m Presley, he’s Hutch”

Friends, sad to say but this morning I was down at my local soul-destroying featureless barn of a grocery retailer, similar to the one near to where you live I don’t doubt, and as I dragged my sorry self about the aisles I found that my mood was brightened slightly by the music playing within the store. Seems every cloud has a Silver Lady friends. Not only had they somehow steered clear of playing a bunch of cheesy christmas music while it’s still November but a crackin’ tune from the distant past stepped forth.

‘Silver Lady’ was a hit tune for David Soul, or Hutch off of  ‘Starsky and Hutch’ as most people still think of him. It’s pretty cornball 70’s stuff, but at the same time just awesome. See, me and Randy have this thing about tunes Elvis coulda done. Maybe if he’d got to make some late career records with Rick Rubin like Johnny Cash did although, to be honest with you , most of the stuff we seem to pick favours the big early 70’s James Burton band sound rather than the stripped back acoustic type vibe on Johnny’s records. Whatever, this here is a prime contender I reckon.

It ain’t even too far out of possible neither. Soul’s second, and last,  No 1 single in the UK, it had spent five weeks in the top ten before eventually toppling Elvis’ ‘Way Down’ off the top spot in October of 1977 following the King’s untimely passing. Check this live clip of the song…

Now tell me you don’t wanna hear the king singin’ “the indiana wind and rain cut through me”? Good as it is, you just know Elvis’ version would be even better and the song would have fit right onto ‘Moody Blue’ dont’cha think?

Or this, ever keen to make a little more money off his old recordings RCA has just put out a further re-packaging of the Madison Square Garden shows called ‘Prince From Another Planet’. Nice title but when did he downgrade to a prince from ‘The King’? not ’round here he didn’t. Anyways, this here is what I’m talkin’ about. Elvis doin’ ‘Silver Lady’ as part of one of these shows? – now that is an out-take I wanna hear.


~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 26, 2012.

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