All the other things you could be doin’

That’s right. Well now. Mmm-hmm. You’ll have noticed that the days is growing short the leaves are off the trees and the mercury done fell. Christmas is all about us twinklin’ and a screamin’ at you to buy things. All o’ that type stuff. This here’s my chair, but it ain’t no way to be out sittin in that chair no more ’til spring. So I may just as well come on in and be treatin’ you to a variety of ill-informed opinions and end of year mumblin’ on and such. Brother Randy been sharpenin’ up his pencils and gettin’ down to the serious nerd-quest of ‘the end of year list’. I warned y’all. I’ll be takin’ a more, letsay ‘freeform’ approach for myself, on account there’s a whole bunch of stuff I been sat out there thinkin’ but ain’t got around to writin’ on here due to the comforts of my chair and a little whiskey. but ‘fore I get to that let’s looky forwards some. Well, kinda. Last minute addition to Randy’s end of year list and your ‘Santa pleeeease!’ lists alike the good folk of The Singing Adams have a new record out next week. It’s called ‘Moves’ and it ain’t a christmas album. Ah well. If, like me, you pre-ordereded it may even be here on the morrow. oh yeah! Randy’s heard it, there was a track off of it on Stagger Cast #53 you might recall. I know, it gets hard to keep up with ’em. Randy already got a copy using, I think, bullying and drink, but young Mr Adams and Randy alike proclaim it a marvel and as good if not better than their first. Mighty big talk, I know. Here’s a tune from her…

not bad at all eh?

Meantime I know a bunch of you been comin’ by already lookin’ for a toothsome christmas treat or two and so far…nothin’ but just hold fire there ok? A new christmas mix for this year is in the, er, developmental stages. Til then we got you a tune for christmas, we hope it ain’t one you already heard (but we sorta know it is) – It’s a lil’ festive number about the struggles of choosin’ a good gift what them lovely Singing Adams folks gave us all last year, god bless ’em one and all…

Singing Adams – I Got You A Book For Christmas

You might recall that it too made it onto a  Staggercast – Ol’ Randy’s xmas special last year (that’s right friends, a christmas mix from the grinch hisself, you can amuse yourselves with that lot over here

buy Moves from records records records


~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 7, 2012.

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