I Can’t Drive 55


That’s right, you hear me friends. Now, despite what Randy might have to say on it, it really ain’t all that often that I find myself in agreement with Van Halen’s red-headed step child, little Sammy Hagar… but I’m here to tell you sadly that was the case over the holiday season regardin’ to this recent stagger cast #55. See, I thought I could burn it on a disc, play it in the car on the way down to see some folks and that it might provide for an agreeable listen. But, and maybe you’ve experienced this little modern heartache for yourselves, darn thing is just too long to fit on a disc. Not like it’s two hours or anything, oh no, just about a proverbial cotton-pickin’ minute too long. ‘Cos the damn fool went and put the Beach Boys on it! Why you go and do a thing like that Randy? This types of thing never used to happen with cassettes right? Is this what we call progress? Still, I did finally get around to it and worth that lil’ extra effort it took it was too. Maybe it’s passed you by yourselves what with all the holiday excitement, I know it can be hard to keep up with them Staggercasts – ol’ Randy is pretty darn prolific ain’t he? When I say prolific I mean he does a lot of ’em, not like he stands outside abortion clinics telling vulnerable women how God hates them and stuff like that. As ol’ #55 there is a musical look back over the year, I’ll just step aside here a moment to ask – What all is up with those people? God is love, the way we heard it anyway. Bunch of these idiots makin’ high profile fools out of themselves during the presidential campaign and everything last year. Least we was spared that moron Willard Romney tryna run the world, that might just’ve brought on the Mayan apocalypse. (Y’know they sittin’ up there in their pyramidical spaceships just a-waitin’ to blow us up right?). Now, Snoop may have made us chuckle some by changin’ his name to Lion (the tune on the mix is pretty good y’know) and he may not actually, really have said this about not voting for Romney, but I think it stands – “bitch has a dancing horse”. Ain’t it the truth?


stagger cast #55

Here’s the link again, case you missed it. Now, bein’ the disagreeable type I had to go and do my own mixtape of some other stuff from last year and that’ll be comin’ up hard on it’s heels here for y’all to spend your weekend with if you so choose. Only I gots a whole bunch of nonsense I was wantin’ to write about it and can’t quite get my mind right. Still, we gotta get lookin’ back over the year done with before January is out and get us back to some real old music is how I see it… So, y’all come back tomorrow and I’ll have that tape for you, ok?

~ by Mumblin' Earl on January 17, 2013.

One Response to “I Can’t Drive 55”

  1. Thank you! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2013.

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