Kept Down By The MAN!

seems like those ornery folk over at Mediafire aren’t happy with all the fine music we’re giving y’all and they’ve suspended our account. So no mixes and such for now – no Stagger Casts, no nuthin’. We’re working on it, you can count on that.


~ by stagger lee on January 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Kept Down By The MAN!”

  1. Bad news about Mediafire, but not surprising really. I have felt for some time that accessing mediafire has been problematic—just like Megaupload before it fell over. A conicidence??

    • Like you says friend, we seen this comin’ a ways off, which is why a lotta the mixes are now up on mixcloud and we pretty much stopped with the postin’ of individual tracks off things to make a point, let people hear ’em and so on. But we didn’t really do all that much about it – there was still a lotta stuff on there what coulda been a problem. So, whatever. Mediafire updated their terms on Jan 17th, and I imagine somehow we fell foul of new provisions in that that they’ve included to keep their particular show on the road. So it goes. We’ll still be postin’ up mixes you can stream and we’ll work on sortin’ some download capacity along the way, thanks…

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