Randy Goes On Tour – Kinda

All puffed up with urban pride now he’s found hisself living in the big city (what, Camden County not good enough no more, boy?) Brother Randy has started calling himself Stagger Lee again and forced some decent godfearing folks to let him play some of his records at their otherwise excellent musical jamborees.


First up, he’s playing some tunes as part of the Bon Ton Roulet Mardi Gras Party at the Cumberland Arms in Newcastle on February 8th. There’s some great bands – the New York Brass Band and Bob Stork & The Heaton Playboys and Mr Rob Heron joining Randy on the decks, so it should be  a fine evening, cher.


Then, keeping it Cajun, he’s intruding on another Newcastle gig, this time at Caedmon Hall in Gateshead on February 23rd, where Swiss cajun heroes Mama Rosin (you read that right) are supported by local types The Buffalo Skinners.


THEN – at the end of the month he’s off to London via Leeds to play some shows for the good people of Brixton. He’s on the decks for the Frontier Ruckus show at Brixton Windmill on March 3rd – which he’s especially pleased about seeing as how they’re such lovely guys and kinda fantastic to boot. Two days later, if his liver and his mind and his willpower don’t fail, he’s BACK at The Windmill, this time playing tunes at the super exclusive Caitlin Rose gig. Seems as how she might need to get some security or an injunction or something, the way Randy goes on about her all the time. That one’s sold out (those Brixton people sure do love Randy).

Anyhow, that’s what Randy is up to you. But how are YOU?


~ by stagger lee on January 29, 2013.

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