Stagger Cast #57

Well folks, seeing as how we seem to have sorted out all that hosting nonsense, it seemed like a good time to let you have a new Stagger Cast to go with all those archives we let you have (you did see the archives, didn’t you?).

Let’s be honest, we’re all still a little bit excited about seeing Caitlin Rose and DJing at her show and all (well, I DJed – brother Earl was as much use as a kazoo at a Skynyrd concert, truth to tell) so there’s a bit of a Caitlin theme – the originals of some songs our heroine covered on stage and on her new album, and a song from Ms Rose herself. There’s also a couple tracks from the soundtrack to the truly amazing Beasts Of The Southern Wild (didn’t both Seth MacFarlane and the dear old Onion make total ballbags outta themselves over all that Oscar business?). And then, y’know, lots of other stuff.

Stagger Cast #57

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01. Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin – The Bathtub (ft The Lost Bayou Ramblers

02. Howlin’ Wolf – I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)

03. Skip James – Devil Got My Woman

04. The William Penn Fyve – Swami

05. Joel Grey – Brigitte Bardot

06. John Betjeman – Late Flowering Lust

07. Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones – Black Slacks

08. Johnny Dynamite – The Night Angels Cried

09. The Commands – Must Be Alright

10. Baskery – Out Of Towner

11. Roger Miller – England Swings

12. Felice Brothers – Dallas

13. The Deep Vibration – I Was Cruel

14. Caitlin Rose – Only A Clown

15. The Handsome Family – Woodpecker

16. Cornell Campbell – Whenever You Need Me

17. Early B – Bible Story

18. Dennis Alcapone – No.1 Station

19. Staple Singers – This Train

20. Aretha Franklin – Jesus On The Mainline

21. Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin – Particles Of The Universe (Heartbeats)

~ by stagger lee on March 13, 2013.

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