Drinkin’ to Remember


Well now friends, that’s what too much drinkin’ll do fer you. Now here’s Dale Watson and his Lonestars with a bunch of songs about drinkin’ and a whole other kinda Texas Country thing to Caitlin’s. You know how I was sayin there weren’t no country clichés on her record? Well, Ol’ Dale here is a walkin’ it like he’s a-talkin’ it monument to pretty much all of them clichés ( ain’t no song about a horse or a dog, mind) but that ain’t really a bad thing. No, sir. This is old school, honky-tonkin, Bakersfield country done up right. If you like a bunch of old Haggard records, George Jones at his most rockin’ and that types of thing then you will find nothing to surprise or confuse but much to delight you on his new record here. There’s a couple songs about marryin’, a couple songs about dancin’ and other matters too but mostly it’s a bunch of songs about drinkin’ – most of which wouldn’t seem out of place on say one of Hank Thompson’s drinkin’ records, which are not too subtly evoked on ‘Smokey Old Bar’. His voice most reminds of Haggard’s and the band are great, everything note perfect nothing outstays it’s welcome, the longest number sprawling out to a wild four minutes. It’s got a great cover and Dale sports a great quiff too so what’s not to like people? Y’all can listen to the first three tunes right here…

~ by Mumblin' Earl on March 22, 2013.

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