Brothers and Sisters, Your Hymn Sheet This Week

Lord, how the time has flown by. Things bein’ equal, good lord willing and so on and the suchlike, well,  a second of our little half hour doses of gospel goodness should just be winding up on the there. Here’s a list of the tunes y’all been singin’ along to.


Brother Earl’s gospel revue April 14th

Get Right With God  –  Southern Revivalists Of New Orleans
God Don’t Like It  –  Blind Willie McTell & Kate McTell
When I’ve Gone The Last Mile  –  Sensational Golden Light Quartet Of Philadelphia
I Want Two Wings To Veil My Face  – The Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers
I’m So Glad  –  Southern Harmonaires
Journey To The Sky  –  Bailey Gospel Singers
Jesus Put A Song In My Soul  –  Echo Gospel Singers
Dry Bones  –  Radio Gospel Kings
There Ain’t No Grave  –  Brother Claude Ely
Wilderness  –  The Echoes Of Zion
You Can’t Stop Me Now  –  The Marion Gaines Singers
I’m On My Journey Home  –  Alabama Sacred Harp Singers

you can download it here and it’ll be up in the mixcloud soon I guess friends.

~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 21, 2013.

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