Country Amorists


Hell yeah peoples! Grab your hats ‘cos yer weekend starts here already. Thee truly wonderful and mysterious Morton Valence have put up a new recording for yer lissenin’ joy this morning. It’s a song what they been playin’ out for a good while in many different forms and it’s a beauty. Now called ‘The Hawkline Discotheque’ this here version has a lot of lovely pedal steel playin’ on it, and is kinda laid back and lovely to ease you into yer Friday.

I’m a jumpin’ right on this ‘cos it may not be up there all that long, they put up something great a little while back and that’s gone back in the drawer for now. This is ahead of the new, finished I hear, record called ’10 Country Classics’ and d’ya know, If’n the new record turns out to be just 10 different versions of this tune I’d be happy with that – especially if they done a real long one what started out low and slow and built ’til they threw the whole dang orchestra and choir and feedback and dancers and what-all in at the end. One day maybe. One day.

Meantime they been slowly making videos for the whole of they last record ‘Me & Home James’ and you can find all those on the youtube if you want to take a look, this ain’t really one of ’em but Lord, how I love it. This is a clip form european TV or somewhere of them playing an acoustic version of ‘John Young’ off that album and it is just fantastic. Better than the version on the record for my money, so don’t skip it now y’heards me?

~ by Mumblin' Earl on June 14, 2013.

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