The Extraordinary Evelyn Sisters

Following on from yesterday, there’s another murder ballad on the mix, the wonderful ‘You Only Want Me ‘Cause You Want My Sister’ in the country style.  The song seems to bring together elements Leon Payne’s ‘Psycho’ and ‘Sister Sue’ into it’s own completely singular tale of sisterly jealousy and today you can stream the whole of the Evelyn Evelyn record from which it comes. Evelyn and Evelyn Neville are a songwriting duo performing original compositions on piano, ukulele, guitar and accordion. The sisters are parapagus tripus dibrachius twins, sharing three legs, two arms, three lungs, two hearts and a single liver. This quite remarkable recording tells their unique tale in story and song and is highly recommended to all of y’all. As with the version of Psycho, That Amanda Palmer has a hand in this,working on production and encouraging the sisters to make the record in the first place.


~ by Mumblin' Earl on June 21, 2013.

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