‘It is like a fiesta in my village’

randy_and_url copy

Well friends, don’t we look grand? These two idiots are off to the Glastonbury festival in a couple days to bring a little sunshine to the lost folks of what’s now the Silver Hayes field/area/thing. Now, I know some of you find Randy to be a little scary now and then but he’s channeling his spirit animal here after some serious green field workshopping because deep down beneath that gruff exterior, well, he’s just a big ol’ cuddly bear called Yeltsin. A russian bear, who’ll tear your face off in one swipe if you take his vodka but otherwise is real friendly.

We’ll be doing our stuff on Friday for a while from about midday onwards I think and then some between bands sets too, y’all pop in and say howdy if’n yer passing ok? Here’s the full lowdown for our venue over the weekend…


~ by Mumblin' Earl on June 24, 2013.

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