Are You Washed In The Blood?


Brothers and Sisters, once again I come before you a little late, but for those who couldn’t join us yesterday here is the hymn sheet and a chance to join with us in song once again. We starts out a little crackly and low key here but it gets into the groove children, can I get an Amen? Y’all can download by clickin’ on the title…

Lamb’s Blood Washed Me Clean – Gospel Revue (& Medicine Show pt14)

The Gospels Songbirds  –  The Story Of The Woman (At the Well)
The Four Gospel Singers  –  Dry Bones
Arizona Dranes  –  Lamb’s Blood Has Washed Me Clean
Marie Knight  –  Hallelujah, What A Song!
The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir  –  You Can’t Make Me Doubt Him
The Sensational Zion Seekers  –  I Know I’ve Been Converted
Sons Of David  –  There’s A Man Taking Names
Clarence Smith  –  Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
The Marion Gaines Singers  –  You Can’t Stop Me Now

~ by Mumblin' Earl on July 15, 2013.

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