Gospel Revue – Telephone To Glory


Morning Friends, as we come to the close of our time this morning over on basic.fm, well now, it’s time to put up a list of what we’ve been listening to for you. As you can probably work out there are some meditations on the idea of the telephone as a shaky metaphor for prayer. We’ve got the Rev. Franklin on your mother’s love, she worries y’know – call her. We also make room today for a couple gospel readings of numbers by wayward sons The Rolling Stones, even they used to call their Mama sometimes, and one of their own too. Me an Randy watched about half hour or so of their show at Glastonbury festival and it was ok friends, not the greatest show on earth you might have heard tell about, not a total disgrace, just y’know, there.

Gospel Revue 16 – Telephone To Glory

Blind Roosevelt Graves & Brother – Telephone To Glory
Stanley Brothers – Death Is Only A Dream
Famous L. Renfroe – Reaching
The Charioteers – Ezekiel Saw The Wheel
Rev. C.L. Franklin – Your Mother Loves You
The Amazing Farmer Singers – I’ve Got A Telephone In My Bosom
The Violinaires – Salt Of The Earth
Blind Boys Of Alabama – Last Time
Rolling Stones – I Just Want To See His Face
Sons Of The Pioneers – Royal Telephone


~ by Mumblin' Earl on July 28, 2013.

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