Mountain Dew

Abandoned Church

Well hello again friends, how good it is to see you all this morning, we gots ourselves a pretty down home type feel to our hymn selections today but some mighty fine and popular songs amongst them, and we hope you enjoy singing along some. Brethren, can I ask you something? Did not the good Lord hisself turn the water into wine down at the wedding in Canaan? Don’t you think that if he’d not been out there in the heat and dust of the holy land but nearer to us, up in Appalachia that he’da turned it into clear heavenly moonshine, white lightnin, ol’ mountain dew? I say yes! You knows he would. My Jesus ain’t no ‘go home y’all had too much’ party pooper. There’s power in that Dew, wonder-working power hallyloo!

Gospel Revue (& Medicine Show) 22 – Mountain Dew

Howard Finster  –  Rock & Roll & Preacher Finster
Almeda Riddle  –  Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers  –  Jesus Throwed Up A Highway For Me
The Sons Of The Pioneers  –  Power in The Blood
The Carter Family  –  Can The Circle Be Unbroken
Mississippi Fred McDowell  –  When I Lay My Burden Down
Bishop Perry Tillis  –  Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Straight Street Group  –  Angels Keep Watching Over Me
Bascam Lamar Lunsford  –  Mountain Dew
Rev. Gary Davis  –  I Belong To the Band, Hallelujah!
Joshua White  –  I Don’t Intend To Die In Egyptland

wonder working power

~ by Mumblin' Earl on September 8, 2013.

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