Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room

Congregation Entering Church

Morning Friends, been something of a turbulent month here for us with one thing and another and our regular Sunday service has faced a coupla disruptions there. I hope y’all understand and will bear with us, things ought to be getting back on the right track agin now. more than that I hope we’ll be coming up with some other things for you inbetween these gospel slots. Brother Randy’s been doin’ pretty well with the Staggercasts though ain’t he?

So, in all the confusion of September we forgot to raise ourselves a glass and lay down on the backseat for Hank Williams’ birthday. So it falls to Brother Hank to open things for us this week. After that we diggin’ on back for the Old in Old Record Club, there’s some scratchy pop and hiss here and a more than usually heavy portion of that sweet ol’ jubilee style gospel for you as well as an odd song comparing our Lord an saviour to an airplane.

Lolly-gaggers and podcasters should know by now to click the title for a download. Y’all be good now and we’ll see you soon, y’heards me?

Gospel Revue (& Medicine Show) 24 – Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room

Hank Williams – I’ll Have A New Body
North Carolina Cooper Boys – Daniel In The Lion’s Den
Norfolk Jubilee Quartet – My Lord’s Gonna Move This Wicked Race
Da Costa Woltz’s Southern Broadcasters – Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb?
Famous Blue Jay Singers – I’m Leaning On The Lord
Taskiana Four – Creep Along Moses
Mother McCollum – Jesus Is My Air-O-Plane
Silver Leaf Quartette – Daniel Saw The Stone
Pace Jubilee Singers – You’d Better Mind
Rev. F.W. McGee – Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room
Moses Mason – The Horse Paweth in the Valley (excerpt)

~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 6, 2013.

5 Responses to “Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room”

  1. Hi y’all,
    am I the only one who waits patiently for your weekly gospel hour and am unable to download it?

    If so, keep pluggin away cuz they are a blessing to this one!

    And, see about re-upping this the latest one as well 😉

    obey gravity

    • thanks friend, and sorry for the difficulties, the link should be there in the title, I’ve checked and re-done it so have another go at her and better luck this time. Brother Randy should be along with something new this Sunday,



  2. Still sayin’ ”404 – File Not Found” Brother…….

    I’ll cross m’fingers for this weeks session;)

    Cheers again

  3. Success! Works now for some reason… Another great Service!!

    Thanks much


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