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Brother Randy has gone and got himself ANOTHER radio show, he must have some dirty photos of someone at Basic FM or something for them to keep putting him on the air like this. Anyhow, here’s what the man had to say on the Basic FM website:

“Where lies the boundary between meaning & sentiment? Between memory & nostalgia? America & Americana? What is & what was? Does it move?  – Donovan Hohn

Sweethearts Of The Radio is a fortnightly radio broadcast from Randy Hickey, one half of Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club. It is an ‘Americana‘ show, which might need some explaining.

It’s not a country show, because he’ll be playing music that isn’t country although it’ll have some country flavour, however tangential. It’s not alt.country, because that’s a stupid term and anyhow, there’s nothing ‘alt’ about Hank Thompson or The Louvin Brothers and you can bet they’ll get played. There’ll be bits of folk and bluegrass and swamp rock and singer-songwriters and rockabilly and indie rock and whatever the hell else. So, ‘Americana‘ will have to do and if you’ve got a problem with that, just decide it’s any kind of show you like, pour yourself a big glass of sippin’ whiskey and enjoy it anyway.

Sweethearts Of The Radio will be broadcast from 10pm – midnight each Friday, with a new show fortnightly.

Dunno where he learned to talk all purty like that, reckon somebody must have written that for him…

And after the broadcast, the shows will be end up here, much like the gospel shows do. So that’s another reason to keep coming back

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~ by stagger lee on November 6, 2013.

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