Laura Veirs

(a packed Narc this month meant there was no room for my Laura Veirs review, so here it is.)

Laura Veirs – The Cluny, 17th November


This was a very different Laura Veirs from the one who played The Sage a couple of years back. For one thing, her irritation with photographers – including Narc’s – seemed out of character. But more notably, this Veirs seems to have discovered her inner guitar hero. In a set that was surprisingly short of songs from her new album Warp & Weft (although opener Sun Song was a highlight), the delicate, folky numbers she’s known for were almost outnumbered by songs that ranged from ‘surprisingly indie rock’ to ‘full on Crazy Horse soloing’:  at one point, the normally quite demure Veirs was actually on her knees wrenching feedback out of her Strat. At times, the beefed up sound threatened to smother the songs but there were enough moments that foregrounded her voice, and her rapport with sidekick / violinist / backing vocalist / everything else Alex Guy, that she got away with it. Initial outburst aside, she was as charming as ever and we got to learn all about guitarist Karl’s plans for a mens craft magazine. She even adapted the lyrics of new song Ten Bridges to be more numerically apt for Newcastle’s mere seven. On balance a surprising gig but an enjoyable one nonetheless.

~ by stagger lee on December 7, 2013.

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