When Was Jesus Borned?

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It ain’t no quiz or nothin’. We knows it’s Christmastime when Jesus puts his decorations up and we there friends, we there. So today we gots some righteous, and some, frankly, less righteousness type things on the hymn sheet for y’all. If’n I’m honest with you, and I  flatter myself to think that I try to be, well me and Brother Randy (and a good deal of yourselves too) celebrate christmas ‘the wrong way’ by our friend Rev. Clayborn’s reckoning. Ain’t no wrong about it far as I see. So, some of these songs you might not know. And that’s to the good I feel, the ones you do? Well don’t be shy now –  break out and sing along with us. Here’s what it was…

When Was Jesus Born?

Lil’ McClintlock – Don’t Think I’m Santa Claus
Reverend Edward W. Clayborn – Wrong Way To Celebrate Christmas
Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers  – Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn
The Staple Singers – Silent Night
Marion Williams – When was Jesus Born?
Aretha Franklin – Joy To The World
Irma Thomas – O Holy Night
Johnny Cash – I heard The Bells On Christmas Day
The Weavers – Go Tell It On the Mountain
Bishop Perry Tillis – Silent Night

oh yeah, and


~ by Mumblin' Earl on December 8, 2013.

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