There Once Was A Poodle Who Thought He Was A Cowboy


Making the Sweethearts of The Radio Christmas Show* meant including The Handsome Family‘s So Much Wine, the greatest and saddest of all christmas songs. Which sent me into a massive Handsome Family phase, magnificently suited to my current sweetly melancholy mood. And down the ensuing youtube rabbithole, I came across this.

Sally Timms and Robbie Fulks performing a lovely version of Brett and Rennie’s Drunk By Noon.

This reminded me of two things.

One: I came very late to the new Robbie Fulks album, Gone Away Backwards, but I’m making up for lost time by totally hammering it now. It’s produced by Steve ‘Chuckles’ Albini and it’s a sparse, bluesgrassy affair. Friends, it’s a beautiful thing.

Two: on New Year’s Eve 2005, I proposed to my girlfriend in a little square in Barcelona while fireworks exploded in the sky behind us. She thought my fall to one knee was drunkenness rather than love, which makes sense. Anyhow, the first person to realise this had happened was Sally Timms, who at this stage in the evening was simply ‘Sally’, a friend of two other friends, Danielle and Fran, we’d met up with for the evening. Who knows, if I’d have known she was that Sally, maybe I’d have been too full of Mekons questions to pop the question.

The third thing to realise is that I’d love to look like Brett and marry Rennie. Or look like Rennie and marry Brett, I don’t much care.

Happy Xmas

(* it’ll be broadcast on at 10pm on Friday 2oth and 27th December before being posted here)

~ by stagger lee on December 15, 2013.

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