Stagger Cast #62

Stagger Cast #62

Hello friends, and welcome to the UTTERLY un-Christmassy Stagger Cast #62. Not because I reject Festivus on principle, but because I made it ages ago and forgot to post it. Ho hum. There’s some FANTASTIC stuff on this one, too.

download it here.

stream it here.

drink snowballs.

01 Lee Hazlewood – Las Vegas

02 Anna Karina – Roller Girl

03 The Jaynetts – Sally Go Round The Roses

04 Eldridge Holmes – If I Were A Carpenter

05 James Brown – Tighten Up (Live)

06 Nancy Dupree – James Brown

07 Sol Hoop’s Novelty Trio – Stack O’Lee Blues

08 The Mercenaries – Third World Shuffle

09 Prince Fatty & Holly Cook – And The Beat Goes On (Dub)

10 The Gun Club – Jack On Fire

11 Wynntown Marshalls – North Atlantic Soul

12 Uncle Tupelo – Screen Door

13 The Beach Boys (sort of) – Levitate Me

14 Pokey Lafarge – What Will The Rain Bring

15 Lyle Lovett – I’m A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord

16 The Patterson Singers – Great Day Coming

17 Josephine Foster – Magenta

~ by stagger lee on December 17, 2013.

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