Religion, So Sweet

Gospel Revue 37

That was Randy & Earl’s Gospel Revue (& Medicine Show) #37: Religion, So Sweet. It was recorded by Brother Randy Hickey in the middle of a two day hangover which meant the more UPLIFTING songs caused him a little pain and suffering, but it’s a small price to pay for such sweet music. The service was bookended by two incredible songs from the Mcintosh County Shouters collected on the Slave Shout Songs from the Coast of Georgia album, which we can’t recommend enough.

Download Gospel Revue #37 here or stream it here

01 Mcintosh County Shouters – Religion, So Sweet

02 Bryant’s Jubilee Quartet – I’ll Be Satisfied

03 Shirley Ann Lee – I Shall Not Be Moved

04 Vickie Winans – Long As I Got King Jesus

05 Leo Welch – Take Care Of Me Lord

06 James Carter & The Prisoners – Po’ Lazarus

07 Mighty Gospel Greats – I’m Worried

08 Kilby Snow – No Tears In Heaven

09 Ernestine Washington & The Milleraires – Holdin’ On, Pt 2

10 Mcintosh County Shouters – John 1

~ by stagger lee on February 9, 2014.

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