Mumblin’ Earl’s Beer & Cheese

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Hey friends, how y’all been? Things been a little quiet over at Mumblin’ Earl’s Mixcloud for some time now but all that’s a-changin’. I’ve lately gots around to uploadin a couple of old mixes that weren’t there for whatever reason and a new 2 hour long set made up of Gospel Revue shows from last year. Nothing actually new as such I grant you but that’s a comin sometime, don’t rush me ya hear? Speaking of which, my first ever Randy & Earl mix – the ‘Procrastinatin’ mix’ is one of them what I’ve dug up and dusted off the other bein’ the ‘Original Gumbo’ mix from a good while back, just in time for the Mardi Gras y’all. All now there for your streaming convenience or whatever. Also don’t forget Ol’ Randy be along with a new ‘Sweethearts…’ show tonight at 10 on Gonna have him some Sparklehorse on it too.

~ by Mumblin' Earl on February 28, 2014.

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