Farther Along


Mornin’ friends, Brother Earl here with you all again today and the sure and certain knowledge that one day all will come clear to us, even what happens when the Welfare turns it’s back on you as Brother King considers for us. We got some righteous Sisters singin’ out for us today as well, gets a little fiery so go on and get the tambourine and get ready to shake what the Good Lord gave you…

Gospel Revue (& Medicine Show) – Farther Along

Black Ace – Farther Along
Freddy King -(The Welfare) Turns It’s Back On You
Sister Wynona Carr – Don’t Miss That Train
The Chuck Wagon Gang – (We Are Climbing) Jacob’s Ladder
Stafford Coombs – Bright Blue Galilee
Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers – Sinner I’d Make a Change
Rev. Alex Bradford – When My Time Comes
Clara Ward Singers – Faith That Moves Mountains
Sister Myrtle Fields w/Austin McCoy Trio – I’m Toiling
The Meditation Singers – Jesus Be A Fence Around Me



~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 13, 2014.

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