Country Music



“What I like about country music is it is a music which is, conceptually, very much about ‘where you are’, ‘where you live’. And importantly, it isn’t, most of the time, about ‘being in the country’. Country music, particularly in the 60s and 70s in America, was an urban music, often or usually played by people with a rural background, but which was located and mostly played in big cities, and so had a prevailing sentiment of a kind of nostalgia for a lost way of life, tough though it may have been, and is about trying to come to terms with a modern world which can be unsentimental and complicated and tough in a new, unpredictable way. In short, about the links between the past and the present and how to make sense of it all. Looking at where we came from helps make sense of the present, or at least enriches and gives meaning to it, if we can’t make sense of it. I like the idea of a London country music, one which has an awareness of the country roots, the topography which provides the deep outline of the streets and parks and rivers and open spaces even in the most urban setting, where we now find ourselves. Its also good to have an awareness of how the country exists almost in the very pores of the urban landscape, in every nook and cranny it can take hold, and it is only through constant human intervention and endeavour that the urban exists at all.”

Alan Tyler, April 2014  (you can read my full interview with Alan in this month’s Narc Magazine, out on April 30th)

~ by stagger lee on April 28, 2014.

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