Devil Is No Relation To Me


Here we go then friends, the hymn sheet from yesterday’s service for you to revisit at your leisure, we hope that you can take something worthwhile from it. Y’all go ahead and click the title for a download if’n that’s what you need to help you through

Gospel Revue 48 – Devil Is No Relation To Me

Bros Porter & Cook w The Porterettes – Devil Is No Relation To Me
Bogus Ben Covington – Adam & Eve In The Garden
Gospel Stars – No Place To Lay His Head
Rev. Isaiah Shelton – As The Eagle Stirreth Her Nest
Rev. Charlie Jackson – Morning Train
Evangelist Sister Myrtle Miller & Sister Ella Friday – Storm Passing Over
Annie Mae & Fred McDowell – I’m Going Over The Hill
Sanders Cooper & Sons Of Glory – Death Draws Nigh
L. Winter – The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
The Stars Of Faith – We Shall Be Changed




~ by Mumblin' Earl on May 19, 2014.

4 Responses to “Devil Is No Relation To Me”

  1. Hello, I really enjoy these ‘revues’ they make for great commuter listening. Could I request you check on the links for this broadcast, as well as the links for #’s 35, 40, and 44? I can’t get the downloads to work for me.

    I’m sure you’re quite busy and if you can’t I understand, I just feel it’s the ones you don’t receive that hold the most promise. Y’nowhuttimean?

    Obey Gravity

  2. Much Appreciated Sir!!


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