Rob Heron And The Teapad Album Launch

here’s my review of the Tea Pad launch party that didn’t make it into Narc this month
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra / Martyn Roper – The Cluny, July 11th
The Ouseburn Delta was shining like Martyn Roper’s National guitar, as one very dapper half of the Leeds City Stompers took us through a remarkably jaunty and good-natured set of classic blues and country songs (Blind Boy Fuller covers to the fore). He seemed happy to be there, even if he was often drowned out by the gleefully drunk and raucous crowd there for the headliners (many of whom seem to have arrived en masse from Rob Heron’s Cumbrian home).
Heron and his Tea Pad Orchestra seemed even more happy to be there, which considering the affection from the very partisan crowd and the fact that it was a launch for their excellent second album, is entirely understandable. Augmented in places by a brass section, the band sounded better than ever and played with an energy I’d not yet seen (I swear at one point Heron was on his knees wrenching feedback from his guitar, but that could have been the cider).  Newish drummer Paul Archibald’s jazz background really has added some swing to their sound and everyone took their solos with a grin and a flourish. A storming cover of Professor Longhair’s Mardi Gras In New Orleans left the crowd roaring their approval. It would be a mistake to let our familiarity with the Tea Pad Orchestra blind us to just how good they are right now.

~ by stagger lee on July 22, 2014.

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