Jumpin’ With Stagger Lee

Stagger Box 1

What with Earl being down in Birmingham and me up here in Newcastle, it felt time that I should get my own thing going. So while Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club is still a thing – we’re DJ life partners, yo! – I’ll be doing my own nights in Newcastle, Jumpin’ With Stagger Lee, starting on September 13th.

They’ll be at the brand spanking new Tyneside Cinema Bar Cafe on Pilgrim Street and they won’t be a million miles from what the Stagger Casts and the Old Record Club DJ gigs have been like – a mess of soul and country and ska and reggae and blues and rockabilly and gospel and garage and girl groups and funk and calypso and swing and cajun and jazz and whatever the hell else. There’ll be a radio show too, on good ole Basic FM, starting tomorrow (August 1st) at 10pm, in the slot that Sweethearts Of The Radio used to fill.

I’ll still be posting the shows here, and all the other crap as per usual, but you can find out all about Jumpin’ With Stagger Lee here.

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~ by stagger lee on July 31, 2014.

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