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Y’all know how we love us some Elvis around here, like all right thinkin’ folks do, don’tcha? Well, here’s a thing about The King. We been fair set to reelin’ by the very idea of this duet from beyond the grave with Barbara damn Streisand. I mean, I don’t know that I can bring myself to face that full on. Who stands still for this types of shit, y’know? It’s disgusting. I mean, Randy kinda likes her a little, I have on the other hand had to be bluntly an abruptly silenced on the subject. “Tell me, you did not just bad-mouth Barbara Streisand in a gay bar? My Lord! What is wrong with you?” My protector cried. I was forgetting myself and grateful for his counsel. Mighty strong cocktails in that place. Anyways just about everytime I go to post anything about Elvis on here I heads on out into the wilder reaches an darker corners of the interwebs looking for Joni Mabe: The Elvis Babe. I’ve generally found that to be a hard and lonely journey and been disappointed in my searches. Did I just imagine her?


I surely did not y’all. A good many years ago I came across her Travelling Panoramic Encyclopedia of Everything Elvis, and I have the goddamn book to prove it. Joni is an Elvis collector and also the maker of some pretty great Elvis art, she claims to have made her first Elvis piece on the day he passed on, Walked Dem Golden Stairs up to The Man In The Sky and so on. Why, I pondered, does this amazing collection not have any kind of an online home? Somewhere I can direct like minded folks to check out its wonders? Well, eventually I resorted to taking a bunch of pictures from my own copy of her book. You’re looking at them right now, the book ‘Everything Elvis’ is still available for not much money from those apalling tax dodging amazon sons o’bitches should you wish to get hold of a copy. It’s sure to brighten any home and it offers hope in your dark times too.


So, yeah. I amde them photo’s and I let them set around some too. now that I eventually come to share them with you I thought I’d go looking for Joni again. This time friends, I finally done tracked her down. Still don’t appear to be no online record of her collection and work but it has stopped touring about. Seems as Joni inherited an already historic old boarding house from her family and it now doubles as a museum for her Encyclopedia of Everything Elvis as well. This is the Loudermilk Boarding House Museum in Georgia. It looks like an amazing place to stay/visit if’n you’re around that way. Anyway, here’s some more of Joni’s great artwork and a couple of links, the news clip is definitely worth checking out.



Loudermilk Boarding House Museum, facebook

you can watch a local news piece about it with Joni here






~ by Mumblin' Earl on September 19, 2014.

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