The Future Is Slow Coming

schrecklich-gut-benjamin-booker- copy

Us too. We bin hibernatin’ and what all. It ain’t all been lissenin’ to Taylor Swift and drinkin’ and cryin and so forth though. Here’s a young feller same age as our beloved Taylor. I been enjoyin’ his album from last year a lot too and this film for a couple of its songs is feelin’ a good deal more powerful than it already was this past week. I hope I don’t need to spell that out for y’all. I’d want for you to just watch it without me writin’ too much but I know nobody wants to click on youtube videos on blogs so much. they kinda annoying. but this is worth it I think. It is beautifully made.

Benjamin Booker plays a kind of garage blues that has a whole lot less of the oil and schtick of that scene on it than most. Like a blues guy who really dug The Gun Club. Which is what he is. Like Jack White I guess, who took him on tour an made a ‘Live a Third Man’ record with him. If you was lookin’ for an older blues comparison I’d go maybe for Hound Dog Taylor but without the slide – that sort of sound. Booker has a great soulful voice and pretty damn impressive guitar playing chops too. He’s kinda the real deal y’know? Not a bunch of snotty white punks who dig Howlin’ Wolf and hate their mamas wearing somebody else’s pain. This is a tricky enough row to hoe and means he gonna be gettin’ caught up in all that authenticity bullshit and championed left and right by a bunch of reactionary dullards, who’d like nothing more than for him to get fat and lazy and boring and real, real famous. Let’s hope he’s too smart for that, maybe his buddy Jack can steer him right. Meantime, first record is worth all your time and investigation but was basically done live in the studio, the Third man one is a slightly messier affair in front of an audience and doesn’t include either of the great tunes in that film up there. – WATCH IT.


~ by Mumblin' Earl on April 30, 2015.

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