Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed finds his way home

photo:ray lego

Seems as how the ‘Paperboy’ got himself a little lost out on someone else’s route there y’know? I was reminded of the feller the other day on hearing him and the band roar out on a TV advert for a new phone or the internets or some damn shiny gew-gaw or other. Maybe not the types of technology he favours his own self to judge from this picture (I should say Brother Randy about desperate to get a personal stereo like Eli has there). So, seems as he been following in the footsteps of his heroes a little too much and getting screwed over left and centre all up and down and sideways and who knows how by the big record labels over his last couple of records. Last year he made a more modern/pop sounding record called ‘Nights Like This’ you hear that? No, pretty much passed us by as well truth to be told, seems as regime change upstairs pushed the release date back and back until the thing had actually paid for itself off of film and ad revenue and they couldn’t see much point releasing it all and the sorry thing crawled out into the world only to find everybody lookin’ the other way. The happy upside to this story is Paperboy walks out debt free, and perhaps more arguably the record, while bold and accomplished, was not his best effort. He may have sidestepped an ugly fate, chewed over in the jaws of the mainstream beast. The album was much too shiny for our tastes, even more shiny than some of his suits, although he could probably rake in some extra dollar selling some of the tunes on to big pop acts – no lie. Anyways, figuring out what to do and where to head next he’s recorded this raw, gorgeous, gospel infused tune that gives full rein to his wonderful voice and shimmering guitar. Seems like he’s on the righteous road brothers and sisters, can I get an amen?

~ by Mumblin' Earl on June 2, 2015.

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