I Hate People

’bout sums it up right there. Moment I laid on this I knew I was gonna love it and what with Hallowe’en comin’ up an everything a little undead syncopation might be just the necessary to shake off some of that stress. Still, callin’ yerself Reverend Elvis & The Undead Syncopators sets the bar pretty damn high and inevitably they fall short of glory, they call it ‘death country’ and there’s a fair size hunka rockabilly and punk in there too. It’s a little like a lo-fi, low rent, half assed Slim Cessna type of deal. I ain’t makin no promises ’bout it but there’s fun to be had here if’n you don’t get too demanding – they got a lot more stuff on bandcamp, lot of it for free if you want, this here’s the new record and the title track is kind of a gem.

I know, we been gone. It’s ‘cos we hate people. And summer. Or something. Depending on how drunk I gets, there may be more – y’all know how we love us some Hallowe’en and Christmas nonsense. – Over on the facebooks we got a just about daily post of a spooky tune the next week or so – go sign up for notifications on that thing.

here’s yesterday’s one great old clips from ‘The Creature From The Haunted Sea’. That is one crappy monster suit right there, could be a good/easy to make costume though…



~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 21, 2015.

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