I Heard The Voice Of A Kickstarter



Randy Hickey here. I want to tell you about my love for Screamin’ Miss Jackson & The Slap Yr Mama Big Band.

It is almost without measure.

Their drinking’n’dancing old-time good-time jugband hokum skiffle country blues makes my heart sing and makes the booze go down easy.

Anyhoo, they’re releasing their debut album soon. It’s called I Heard The Voice Of A Doughnut. It’s wonderful.

This is where you come in. They want to release it on vinyl but that’s expensive so they’ve set up a Kickstarter to fund it. You can find that here and you should back them.

Here’s why:

  1. They’re brilliant.
  2. Everything sounds better on vinyl.
  3. They’re from Bristol but they’re not a crappy electro-swing band…
  4. … or some sort of Balkan gypsy ska.
  5. If they don’t hit the target, April will be sad. I’ve never see April being sad. I don’t ever want to see April being sad. April is the happiest person I’ve ever met.
  6. Trust me, it really is a brilliant album.

You know what to do.




~ by stagger lee on April 25, 2016.

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