Here Come The Belgians


How you been friends? We been having a ‘tropical’ sorta summer hereabouts with sunshine and downpours taking it in turns. Undaunted I’ma trying to get in a summer mood – bust out the hawaiian shirts and cocktails and such. Also feelin’ a lot more European than usual so here we got some Belgians on a Greek label bringin’ you a brand new record in a old time stylee. ‘Miles High’ is a surf instrumental thing on the clean, crisp end of that sound – always room for more surf music in my world. So, all you need to know is right there on the cover to be honest, a hula hoopin’ airhostess in 50’s -60’s stylin. I’m afraid the title track is cheesy in exactly the way you might fear but it’s sandwiched between the sprightly and fantastically named ‘Fiorella With The Umbrella’ and fabulous Morricone style western twanger ‘The Horse He Rode In On’ so they’re forgiven. It ain’t like this is serious music anyhow. Takes a curious but not completely disastrous turn on ‘Rajasthan Reggae’, yeah really, but mostly this is a blast of short bright, breezy, joy. Hostess, can I get another one of them drinks here?



~ by Mumblin' Earl on June 30, 2016.

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