Groovy, Hallowe’en’s a-comin’


little while back here Randy posted a clip of our favourite country singer just about, doing a cover that had passed us by, these things been slipping under the radar in the painfully long wait for her to finish a new record (there’s a couple of songs as demos been kicking about on soundcloud too that might one day be on that) Here’s a real old one that, I think, just popped up last year on the internets. A cover of legendary horror punk idiots The Misfits’ probably finest effort. Y’all might know as The Lemonheads covered this too, Caitlin’s version is less laid back than Evan’s but similarly plays off light against the songs darkness. Best still, you can download that sucker for free and put it on yr hallowe’en mixtape there. happy pumpkin carving fiends.



~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 19, 2016.

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