Well I don’t know about Art, but I know what I like…

young Lux

happy 70th birthday to the undead king of punk ‘n’ roll Lux Interior. Here’s a couple of video clips worth yer attentions in his honour. First one here features the great man in fine voice and full flight in the crowd in europe just 30 short years ago. There’s plenty of clips on youtube of course, he was so photogenic and such an incredible performer. Often they show the wear and tear and limits of old video but this one is in pretty good shape, enjoy.

Those of you lookin’ for some music trivia type stuff the second one follows on from that Caitlin Rose cover of The Misfits a little – there’s plenty of people who have time to care about such stuff who think Danzig took the line about ‘I’m gonna put your head on my wall’ from Hasil Adkins’ ‘No More Hot Dogs’. I dunno if Danzig ever ‘fessed up to this but as he’s, frankly, kind of an asshole I don’t expect he would. The Cramps didn’t have no qualms about their love for Hasil, so here’s a pretty early clip of ’em doing ‘She Said’ in San Francisco in 1981. Somehow The Misfits managed to become iconic based on about three decent songs and a strong look including a stolen skull image. The Cramps are just so much better in every way imaginable.

As a little bonus for y’all you can find a nice clip of Hasil doin’ ‘She Said’ hisself in 1986 right here.


~ by Mumblin' Earl on October 21, 2016.

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