Shitehawks at the grocery


Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans! I was minding my business, getting in some things for the weekend at my local grocery this morning when I was assailed, assailed I say, by some truly awful, smug, over-emoting, what’s that thing they got now? virtue signalling? yeah that. Just horrible, horrible version of this song. Can’t even say who it was, never encountered such a thing, hope to God it’s not going to be some christmas hit or in regular rotation down there. Damn thing was so gloopy it made me want to shoplift and punch my fellow customers (a feelin’ that’s always just below the surface I guess). Here, as a cleansing balm are the Blind Boys Of Alabama and the great Tom Waits doin’ a much rougher and sweeter version. Oh,  that’s better. How you been? As a extra treat – here’s Tom with a cute lil’ bunny.

Friends, It’s past noon on Friday. Whatcha say? Let’s pour the wine.


~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 18, 2016.

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