R.I.P. Sharon Jones


Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, Mose Allison. Been a rough week for music, reaper must be on a tight schedule. At least those guys were old, Sharon Jones was only 60. Cancer’s a bitch ain’t it. We got to see Sharon and The Dap Kings a few years back, before her diagnosis, and she just absolutely killed it, what an electric performer. It was a festival we we’re doing and it’s fair to claim her presence on the bill certainly helped sway our decision to do it. Miserable/considerate guys what we are we don’t often take advantage of back stage access to go pull on folks’ sleeves like pathetic fan boys. People need their space, they need some normality. But by the time Sharon had finished we ran back round there to hug her and shower her in love as she came off stage – she was that good. She was tiny as well. Huge voice and a lot of personality in that little frame there. Inspirational figure too if you feel, like sometimes we do, that life is passing you by and you ain’t never gonna get nowhere or do anything with yourself. Sharon was in her late forties before she got anywhere with her singing. Here you can check out the soundtrack to the recent film about her fight with cancer, I’ve not seen or heard it yet myself to be honest. Just about to take a listen. There on the bandcamp is the full discography if you want to work your way through it – it’s pretty much solid greatness. Even the Christmas record from last year – although I’d say you wants to hold back on that one another week or two, I know reindeer and trees appear to be popping up all about us but come on, y’know? Also here’s a full concert if you want to witness the remarkable energy and unstoppable soul power of Sharon and the band in full flight at the Paris Olympia a couple of years ago. And you do, believe me.


~ by Mumblin' Earl on November 19, 2016.

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