Black Angel Drifter

We need to talk about Black Angel Drifter. To be honest, I can’t hardly believe we haven’t already.

Black Angel Drifter is Hacker and Anne from Morton Valence – and you KNOW how much Brother Earl and I love Morton Valence –  with some new compadres, and it seems it’s a one album  / one gig kinda deal. The gig has already happened – sorry – but the album is out there and it’s a wonderful thing.

I reviewed it for Narc Magazine and said this:


“Steeped in gothic country and Morricone soundtracks, Black Angel Drifter … take the ‘urban country’ vibe of recent MV releases but head off into the desert, vultures circling and revolvers cracking. Often augmented by found sounds and concrète soundscapes, the songs here are still rooted in the South London underbelly which has long been their milieu, full of lowlifes, priests and losers. A Bad Seeds, chain gang vibe permeates Sister Pain, Lead On is a drunken funeral march, a remarkable cover of Dylan’s Man In The Long Black Coat is an unexpected centrepiece and throughout it all there’s Hacker and Anne’s heart-breaking, weary duets and harmonies.


I like the idea of a hit-and-run one off, but then I also like the idea of hearing lots more like this. It’s a head-scratcher.

~ by stagger lee on November 28, 2016.

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